Paper Plate Making Machines

  1. Semi Automatic Paper Plate Making Machine

    Paper Plate Size: 4 TO 14 INCHES Output: 900 TO 1800PIECE IN ONE HOUR Power Supply: 240V-50 Hz (SINGLE PHASE, DOMESTIC LIGHT)Power Requirements:1.5KW Weight: 150 Kg Items Made: BOWLS, PAPER PLATES & THALIS ( WRINKLED PLATES USED IN PASTRY SHOPS CAN'T BE MADE)
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  2. Hydraulic Paper Plate Machine Digital Control

    These are made out of top-notch materials in in saving energy and their highest rated production are 1200-2400 pieces/hr, power source : 220v 50hz and their weight : 200kg, Total Power : 2-3KW, Delivery Time : 1 Week & Paper Plate Size : 4-20 inch
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  3. Automatic Thali Making Machine

    This machine is use to manufacturing Paper Thali in different sizes, Here you have need to drop the paper and get the final finish product with machine down side, machine having one slider that help for collect the product one side. Paper Plate Size : 4-16inch Suitable Paper Weight : 80gsm-500gsm Rated Production : 1200-1800 Pieces/Hr Total Power : 3-3.5kw Power Source : 220v 50Hz Total Weight : 500kg Approx Delivery Time : 1 Week
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  4. Multi Purpose Digital Four Die Paper Plate Making

    This machine is widely useful as it has automated configurations and easy-to-use settings. This machine is useful for multiple production reducing time and labor. The plates manufactured by these machines are of varied types and sizes depending on the requirements
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  5. Hydraulic Double Die Big Structure Paper Plate Mak

    These machinery is equipped to allow semi-automatic and automatic mechanisms with an efficient and durable design, the machine is able to hold various capacities. The production capability is high in number making it a preferred choice in the market
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  6. Multi Purpose Digital Six Die Paper Plate Making

    These machinery is applied to produce a number of paper plates in a variety of shapes, sizes, designs and more. The operative mechanism can be adapted to semi-automatic and automatic structures. The machine is alterable according to the client's requirements and demands
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  7. Wrinkle Paper Plate Making Machine

    You can get our plate machinery with very short time delivery over all worldwide and all domestic market of India, whatever South, North, East
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    This is a fully automatic paper plate machine which involves no labour.We have to put roll on the machine, and then Machine takes the roll itself and gives the finished product automatically. You can change the mould according to your requirement. We can use any type of paper (laminated or nonlaminated), it should be in a roll form
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